Thursday, February 14, 2008

ODE TO ELFIE ~ In Our Home October 9, 2007-February 16, 2008

Isaac had been asking for a cat, so when she came up to our patio door (and after some research), we took her in on October 9, 2007. When we found out she was a girl I figured it was only fitting to name our black, female cat that we got in October after a witch. Hence came the name Elfaba, after the misunderstood, not-so-wicked witch-of-the-west (the green one) from the musical Wicked.
The most wonderful part was that Isaac loved her sooooo much. The most horrible part was that Isaac loved her sooo much! He couldn't stop loving her. After months of reminding Isaac to "leave her alone, put her down, don't squish her, leave her alone, don't hit her, don't kick her, leave her alone, don't hold her by the hind legs and jump up and down, leave her alone, leave her alone, leave her alone!", we finally decided she might be happier in a different home. So, with much tears (mostly on the part of Matt who regularly threatened her life) we took her to the animal shelter where they assured us after she went to adoptions that they will keep her until she finds a home. It is with much sadness and relief that we no longer have a cat. But her memory lives on as we continue to pull hairs from the computer chair that was her favorite napping spot.

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