Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beauty Everywhere!

Monday, January 5, 2009

World's Worst Santa

So. This year was the first year I've ever had to really deal with the Santa thing. Isaac started showing interest in him by asking some basic questions to which I would hem and haw or ask him what he thinks in response. I've sort of been dreading this for years. I pride myself on my practically perfect honesty and knew this would taint my record. ANYWAY, after talking with a few people and getting their advice, I planned to do the traditional. Or at least try.

Well, this was the first year that we actually bought christmas presents for the boys that came in boxes (i.e. NOT from the thrift store). Since I never do this (not even for birthdays), I didn't know that packaged toys are much more noticable to little boys than random "items" in what looks like a plastic grocery sack. At least I didn't know until we opened the van door and Isaac asks what's in this bag? and I realize I never took the forklift that he asked Santa for out of the van! OOPS!!! I quickly yank it off the seat and say 'nothing' while I run it into grandma Reynold's house and throw it on the other side of our bed and hurry and go back to the van to go wherever we were going. You'd think I'd learn my lesson. Well, I didn't.

I left the forklift there with the other "Santa" stocking stuffers and figured he'd never go over there. Maybe I felt it would be too deceitful if I were to hide it in the closet. Or maybe I was just too lazy to wrap it. Afterall, I was still looking for a better forklift since the one I found was technically a telehandler, not a forklift (Isaac would know the difference, but still be happy). After Isaac came to me in the living room and asked who the forklift was for I played dumb (no lying involved there!) and when he had forgotten I finally put it in the closet.

Now that he had seen the forklift (and his mother being a bumbling idiot about it), I was sure my perceptive little boy would figure it out. So, to throw him off, Aunt Rebecca suggested we take it out of the box and put a bow on it. To make a super long story even longer...Christmas day went off without any incriminating questions from Isaac. Whew!

Then tonight, (Jan 5th) Matt threatened to take Isaac's forklift back. When Isaac asked why, he snapped back, "Because I'm the one who bought it!" He didn't even realize that he could be giving it all away. Hopefully Isaac won't either!