Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break 2009

On Saturday of Matt's spring break we saw that early the following week the weather would be great at Red Cliffs in southern Utah. That determined our plans. We got ready and left early monday morning. We happened to get my favorite family camping spot we had when I was a child that has the perfect climbing rocks attached to it.
My sister, Lisa, and I called this the "Quiet Cove".
We called up some old friends of ours that moved to St. George a few years ago and they dropped by to catch up and roast some hot dogs and marshmallows. The moon was so bright that night we could hardly see the stars! It was casting shadows like the sun and it was so light that I could climb up the rocks without a flashlight!
The next day we hiked up the river. I wish these pictures could do the beauty justice!

Below is what Seth called the "broken pirate ship."


This is our classic Lee family foto area. Later when we got to grandma Lee's we compared this to our old one with the seven kids. I'll have to get that from mom and add it in.
On the way back, Isaac ran ahead of me. Just at the point I was thinking I should have caught up with him, I called out his name. That was when I heard the "gunfire" and saw that I was standing right in front of a cove we had discovered on the hike up. And in it was my little sharpshooter who had sneakily been waiting for me to pass.

Nothing beats southern Utah!
(This is a small 1/2 mile walk. Red Cliffs is right off the 15 at Leeds. I think we'll be stopping here more often during our Utah trips for a great picnic spot or rest stop)

Fun with cousins

Whe I checked on the weather on Tuesday and it said it was supposed to rain all week in Long Beach, we figured we may as well go up and spend time with grandma and cousins. So instead of spending another night at Red Cliffs as planned we called grandma Lee and told her we'd be up in a few hours and asked Tom and Laura if we could crash their spring break. Our boys couldn't have been happier to go to their cousins' house!

Treehouse Museum

Of course, Isaac wanted to spend the whole time at this old fashioned fire truck. Seth mostly played with the train tables!

Isaac would NOT leave this old fashioned school house. He sat and listened to a 10 year old girl read stories and inspect the children's drawings of a sun. He loved it! Even after many of the kids had come and gone. I guess he's ready for kindergarten!


On our trip home we toured Calico ghost town and walked through a mine and panned for gold.