Monday, August 25, 2008

Sometimes You Just Gotta Walk Away!

And that's just what we did....after waiting and waiting on the temporarily impaired Toy Story Mania before the cast members finally freed us from our seats and shuffled us out.

(Thank goodness for Spencer's arrow pass! It made it less traumatic since we didn't have to wait an hour in line like most people only to make it halfway through the ride!)

We got some pretty cool pictures that most people will never get, though.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised at the amount of decor there is that isn't even part of the ride. It's amazing how much there is that you never see unless you have a minute!

On the way out a cast member gave us a card to get right back on the ride when it was operational again. Not that we needed it since Spencer's pass does the same thing. (Thanks Natalie for letting us get our fill of the ride while we had you in our clutches!)

We're hoping the next ride we get escorted through will be Pirates of the Caribbean!


Lisa said...

Anne, you've made my week! This is awesome! Your kids really DO look like toys in these pictures. Very cool.

I LOVE these Jonesisms. Mr. Arm? True, it's hard to tell that it supposed to be a guy opening his mouth... oh wait. No it's not. Not at all. Doin' the yum yum! So cute. And I love the idea of "stuffed up" animals, especially ones that can "fur."

Susan said...

Cool! That looks like a great and non-scary ride (unless you're leaving out the pictures of Sid and his creepy tortured toys!) I'm so jealous of you getting to do Disneyland all the time. Doing one day (even at a discount) is so intimidating to do all the right rides and have everything work out as perfectly as possible. I loved going to Seaworld in bits and whenever we felt like it.

Natalie said...

Still sad I wasn't with you and was waiting outside, since it is my dream to be on a ride when it breaks down.

Lisa said...

natalie- That is one of the weirdest dreams I've ever heard of. I mean I've heard of stranger dream-dreams, as in while you're asleep dreams, but as far as aspirational dreams go? That's one's definitely the strangest! :)

Tasida said...

You write very well.