Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To D, or not to D?

Matt and I call Disneyland "the big D" when we're around the boys (so as not to instigate unwanted whining regarding going to said park).

It has been about a year now that Isaac has loved going on the rollercoasters at Disneyland. That's about all he cares about. He doesn't seem to know or care about all of the other wonderful things about Disneyland that people pay big money for. He doesn't know ANYthing about Disney. Granted, I don't spend much time reinforcing disney character's names, etc. (No, I take that back, I tried pointing out a Woody character one time when we were walking around and he looked at his gargantuan mask and flailing arms like, "what the heck is that?") But, honestly, he has never showed one INKLING of interest in any of it....and our passes were about to expire.

Hence, the BIG decision: To D or not to D?

Now, on the other hand, Isaac LOVES trains (still). He is also very interested in all things "old and fashioned" as he says. He also talks a lot about mining since we got to see some first hand gold digging during a mountain trip and went to the Kenecott copper mine in Utah this summer. So, I found myself thinking, what better place than Knott's? It's got everything Isaac wants.

Well, the decision came in the summer when I showed Isaac a rock shaped like Mickey Mouse and asked him what it looked like to which he replied, "that Disneyland thing." At that exact moment my decision was made. Knott's it is!

So we went for a quick preview on Monday and here's what we did:

SO, here are the pros and cons to Knott's for our family:

~ All the questions that come along with Isaac's interest in everything he sees there (like trains and old fashioned tools, etc). Should've seen that one coming!
~ It really is pretty ghetto (as my good friend Jackie has pointed out), but nothing we can't handle!
~ I'm guessing we'll be dealing with more teens.
~ Not the best place for a romantic-ish night out with hubby. (Like Dland)
~ No Dole Whips. =(

~ Super easy to park and walk into theme park. (compared to Dland) I feel like I could do this any day alone. I never did at Dland.
~ No one plans major vacations involving Knotts=rarely crowded.
~ Therefore, no waiting in lines!!!!!!! We basically walked on every ride on monday. That's a necessity with 2 little boys.
~ A great place for a super fun date night.
~ Much better food (Johnny Rockets, TGI Friday's, Panda Express, Dippin' Dots, Funnel cakes)
~ Supreme Scream and more big-kid rides. (Bummed they took out the Scrambler, that was my fav!)
~ Characters Isaac can actually recognize what they are and likes them.

As you can see, it's a pretty close call, but perhaps the biggest determining factor was when I found out that I could get four season passes (with NO blockout dates) for LESS than one deluxe pass to Disneyland, I almost flipped.

I feel like I'm explaining why I left all that I believe in or something! Don't worry, I haven't lost the faith. It was just time for some change$. ;)

If anyone has Knott's passes let me know and we can meet up sometime!


Lisa said...

I really can't believe you were able to choose Knott's, even if lack of Dole Whips had been the only thing against it.

FUN post, Annie! Wow. This is really the end of an era for you guys, isn't it? :(

Old and fashioned. He's such a doll.

jonesfamily said...

Honestly, Dole Whips are almost worth the $315!!!

jonesfamily said...

Also, end of an era, not the end of Disneyland. Remember, I can always bribe Ben to come down and get us in when we get desperate!!

Amy & Kyle said...

I love that picture at the top of your blog! What a great family picture!

Kyle complains every day that I never add anyone to our friends list. I am adding you two as a special gift to Kyle and Matt!

I need to be more on top things!

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

NOOOOOooooOOOOO! You went to the DARK side!!!!! We are Disney through and through! In fact I just went today with Charlee (by myself, I might add) and waited in NO lines!!!! We ate the most delish lunch (and you can't go wrong at the Blue Bayou...oh yeah, you don't have that at Knotts). Not a single ghetto-ness to Disney, nope...clean bathrooms, no graffiti, security does not have to carry guns, batons or pepper spray as does that "other" place. Oh yeah good luck with the clientell during Knott's Scary Farm!
Okay, okay, you get the point...we will still be your friend- just not your Knott's friends. :)

P.S. I actually think your boys will enjoy it alot at Knotts.
P.S.S. I'm not trying to stir up the pot here....Just a little laugh!

jonesfamily said...

Of course, my other title choice was "The Dark Side or Bust!"

colleen said...

Love the pix! I haven't been to Knott's in YEARS... have fun!

Kristin said...

Fun that you found our blog and commented. Thanks! Feel free to add us to your blog roll. I don't have one of those, but I added you to my favorites so we can keep up w/you Joneses! Your family is too cute!

Trena said...

I totally with you with the Dole Whips! One time I went there and they were out of them, and I almost threw a temper tantrum! Anyway, Aaron always insists we get Knott's Passes - he had one when he was 18ish and loved it. It's totally ghetto there, but it's really fun. I love the Log Ride!! :)

Jackie said...

Wow! I'm thinking we might get Knott's passes after your post!

Ben said...

You can TRY to bribe me...

I have to disown you as my sister now. You realize that. Knotts is much better for people who only enjoy the rides. The park itself is hideous and has NO appeal to me outside of the rides. But I believe that is included in your Ghetto observations of the location, attendees, etc.

And until you're millionaires (soon enough I'm sure) then Disneyland annual passes are totally out of the question. I have to admit you guys surprised me when you bought them the first time.

Dave and Anika said...

anika is doing great!! she was up and running around 2 hours after she delivered. i told her at one point that i thought maybe she should slow down since she just had a baby but the delivery went amazingly well and she is doing fantastic! charlie is a handful and a half but i suppose thats how most babies are initially. hope you guys and the 10th ward are doing well!!

Totally Hess said...

What is a Dole Whip? Beign too poor and too busy for a Disney pass I don't know these things - but I am intrigued.

Lauren R said...

Knott's sounds like fun to me!

Deon said...

I love the rides at Knotts!!! And you can't beat the price right!!! HEHE

Susan said...

What DARLING shots of two very DARLING boys! Those pictures sure make Knott's look fun. I don't think I ever went, even when I lived there... I sure love Mr. Old and Fashioned, he kills me! Does he still say "I really, really, really, really, really, really, (slow pause for breath, then a little sound) really, really, really, really, really, like that _______?"

Melissa said...

No Dole Whips would be a hard sell for me! Looks like you had fun though...Traitor!!!