Tuesday, July 1, 2008


After the copper mine, we went to Cabella's for lunch and a "tour" of the store/museum. It was HUGE!

I asked Seth what he thought the elephant tusk was and he answered, "A nana! (banana)!"

There was a huge room (not my favorite) filled with any kind of animal you could shoot and stuff.
Sethy liked feeding the fish...

so much that he turned his pop gun into a fishing rod!

Thanks again, gramma lee for the fun!


Amber said...

The pop-gun-turned-fishing-pole is a great idea! Don't you think that big red cork would attract a fish in a heartbeat?! Good thinking, Seth! :) You've got some cute boys, Anne! Cabella's is yet another place I have still got to visit. I went in there last year to get Matt a gift card for Christmas, but I never went past the front area where they sell the gift cards. I didn't know there was anything there but gear to buy. Guess I learned something new!