Friday, July 3, 2009

San Fran Trip

After our extended family left and I took a good look at our messy home, I booked a hotel in San Francisco and we left the next morning. (That's how I deal with a messy house.) Here are some of my favorite pics I took on our trip. I'll try to finish blogging the trip soon.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Bijou Hotel

The Bijou Hotel is a "boutique hotel" right in downtown, one block from Powell cable cars and the Bart. It has an old hollywood feel to it with a movie theme. Very Cute. As we were walking through the hall to our room we noticed each room had a movie title on it. We passed Interview with a Vampire, Star Trek IV, The Rock, etc. I was excited to see what ours would be. I was quite surprised to see this:
For years we've been going back and forth about having a third child. We had just started seriously considering it again and then this! I figured Somebody was trying to give us a pretty big hint.
Then in the room it had a cute synopsis of the movie. (Good thing, cuz who has ever heard of Nine Months?)
I LOVED our hotel! The fire escape was right outside our window! I've only seen that on tv shows and movies! And it was fun to feel like a part of the city.

Cable Cars/Museum

It was so cool to see the cables actually working!
And it was even cooler to see them working under ground where they cross paths and turn on the street.

Cruise around Fisherman's Wharf

So cool that we got to go into the little area with the sea lions!)

Pier 39

Lumbard Street and Coit Tower

Muir Woods

This is so beautiful just 10 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge.