Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hugging Ryan Seacrest and Other Such Nonsense

Melissa, Natalie and I got to go see the dress rehearsal for Americal Idol yesterday. I had told my sister in Poland that morning that we were going but that the judges would not be there, only the contestants and Ryan Seacrest. She said that the only reason to go would be to see him anyway. Well, I don't really have those same sentiments. His mouth is really weird and when he was a dj for star he always sounded a little way too into himself.

But when he came and stood right next to us and was shaking everybody's hands, I had to ask him if I could give him a hug from Poland. He said that there was no way he could make it to Poland right then. I told him it was for my sister who lives there. Charitable or self-serving? So, he gave me a hug and then asked about her, if she was Polish or what she was doing in Poland. I was surprised that he even asked. So, I guess he's not that bad of a person! But after that I couldn't help but wonder what my motive was for that hug? I kept wishing my sister were there to have received it and that it served no real purpose for her! So at that point I could only conclude that it was purely self-serving.

It was really cool to be right up against the stage to see the contestant's faces so closely, and it was fun to watch them perform in person. But the coolest part of the rehearsal, other than the fake Paula and her hilarious comments, was waving to Niel Diamond who was hanging out watching a few feet away from us. We tried to get him up on stage, but he just smiled back and waved.

Here are a few things I observed:

1. Ryan Seacrest has a huge scar under his chin.
2. The studio/stage looks HUGE on tv and is amazingly small and not so impressive in real life.
3. Carly's voice fills up the whole studio and is super powerful.
4. Kristy Lee is even more beautiful in person.
5. Brooke has NO butt.
6. Even though I don't appreciate Jason as a musician, his eyes NEVER stopped sparkling!
7. David Archuleta really is shy and modest. What a cutie!

We had a great time and are hoping we'll get tickets to a live taping soon.


Susan said...

I don't think I'm truly American. I have never watched more than 2-3 minutes of American Idol. I have heard the name Ryan Seacrest, don't know what he looks like (much less the scar) and can only assume all the other names are contestants?

jonesfamily said...

I'm surprised how much I've watched this season. I've only watched like one other season of the 7 they've had. This season's talent is amazing.

Lisa Pawlik said...

ANNE!! I distinctly said "KISS him for me!" Let's clarify for your readers, here. I didn't ASK you to even look at him for me. What a fun time for you and the girls! What kind of comment is that, Brooke has no butt? Were you surprised about that? I'm glad you wrote about this. It would be even better if there were pictures (of Ryan--just KIDding)!

Melissa said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time with the girls and that you actually posted about it so quickly! I'm IMPRESSED!

Heidi said...

How fun to experience all that! I don't watch the show anymore because they kicked off Michael Johns, my favorite!

d/b/c/m said...

i've only seen it twice this season, and i have a crush on jason. cutie!

how fun that you got to go!

oh, so i didn't even know your blog was rolling. it was stuck at thanksgiving for so long. good to know!

cari said...

That is so did you get to do it and how do you get tickets? Very fun!

Jackie Rama said...

I love this post Anne! So glad you took some time for yourself and went!

Lauren said...

Sounds like a blast.

Natalie said...

Wow, you are super fast at posting things, now! I'm glad we went!

Jackie said...

Wow Anne! I had no idea you went and met Ryan that is so COOL!