Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Coral Pink Sand Goons

I remember going to these sand dunes when I was a child growing up in Utah. I've been wanting to go back for years, so now was our chance. My enthusiasm about going had rubbed off on Seth so that even before he new what a sand dune was, he kept asking to go to the "sand goons".
Sand angels make a lot more sense for a California boy!
What's better than a sand box?

A really nice guy with kids of his own came over and offered us a ride on his ATV. How nice is that?

After he took the kids out for a nice ride on the dunes he offered a ride to the adults. If you think I hesitated, then you've probably never met me. I was expecting the same fun-looking ride the kids got. Boy was I in for a surprise! He went full throttle from beginning to end. I didn't even have time to breathe between all my sqeals and gasps! At one point I was glad I was wearing my glasses because I was sure my contacts would have blown off! I think that sums it up. Unfortunatley, since Matt had caught the bug earlier that day, he was feeling nauseous and decided not to go. He made a wise choice to stay on the sand, though I can't say I would have done the same if I were in his bare feet.


LisAway said...

If you were in his bare feet! Clever, Anne. :)

NICE GUY!!! Wow!

Oh how I wish we could go there. I love that place.

There are sand mines(?) in the forest about ten minutes out of town and you can go and climb up the little cliffs or jump off and just play in the sand, so it's sorta the same.

Not really.

Amber said...

Looks like fun! I've never been to those sand "goons" before! ;) And I've lived in Utah all my life. That WAS nice of that guy to give you guys a ride. I'm glad that you all had fun.

Ben said...

That is awesome. I have only been to the sand dunes in Oregon twice, but holy cow is that the most fun thing you can do or what?!? My buddy and his family will take their banshee's out for 4 or 5 hours at a time. You start to get a little sore, but it is so beautiful and amazing. In Oregon, the sand blows into the tree areas, so there are many paths where you can ride between trees and it's just plain gorgeous.

Natalie said...

I have no idea where these are. Where are they? I've lived in Utah most of my life and didn't even know they existed.

Carlynn said...

How fun! I haven't been to the dunes for years. You sure get out and do fun things with your boys! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

Anne said...

These Sand Dunes are near Kanab Utah. They are about 45 min. out of Zion national Park. Totally cool. Matt Jones

Heidi said...

Looks like heaven for any child!