Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Zion National Park 2008

I love watching Isaac and his cousins interact.

I say leave nature photos to the pros. However, it was pretty irresistable to NOT take pics, with all that beauty around us. We realized after a few photo attempts, though, that it was much nicer to enjoy it with our own eyes and not through a lens.
Skipping rocks.

That was some cold water, but it was a hot day.
Despite the relatively fast current, Seth showed NO fear in crossing it. That's all he wanted to do!

It was right after this photo that Seth threw up and we knew it was the beginning of the end! Time to go back to the cabin.


Amber said...

That sucks to have a stomach bug on vacation! At least Seth got to have some fun before it totally kicked in. Yuck! :(

Heidi said...

Tom and Laura are awesome! That looks like fun too! We need to venture out to some of these unique Utah sites as well!