Friday, May 9, 2008

Day and Night

As these two boys grow closer together, I am continually finding more disparities between them. I suppose it is a reflection of Matt and I. Although Isaac looks like me, he has the majority of Matt's characteristics, while Seth has many of mine. Aside from the obvious blue eyes/brown eyes and physical characteristics, their personalities are practically complete opposites. The following are a few examples to illustrate:

Isaac came into the world healthy as can be, but I had to have magnesium, a 4th degree episiotomy and a 2 pt. blood transfusion/I had no problem giving birth to Seth, but he had mild shoulder distocia, low blood sugars and was in NICU for days until his heart completely closed.

Isaac has no real need for sugar. He passes on many sweets/Seth can hear a candy wrapper from miles away and will not relent until all the chocolate chip cookies are completely gone.

Other than with dirt, Isaac can't tolerate being messy or sticky/Seth revels in messiness.

Isaac is on the construction crew/Seth, the demolition squad.

Isaac covers his eyes in anticipation of a crashing "wave"/Seth willingly touches creatures at the aquarium. (Can you believe people often ask if they're twins?!?)
How can I equally and whole-heartedly love two perfectly opposite boys so much?


Lisa said...

This is the best post I've ever read on anybody's blog, ever. My eyes are watering, but I'm sure it's just my allergies. It's amazing how much you can love two boys that you've only ever spent a total of a couple of weeks with. And their mama (but in that case it's amazing how much you can love someone you have spent SO much time with over the years!) I just love this, Anne. I'll add one more in your name: Isaac's face is a replica of mine/Seth's of Matt's.

ashcraft8 said...

I love how you recognize their differences and love them for it. The sign of a great mom.

Jackie Rama said...

These two really are night and day! That's perfect. I'm so glad they get along so well. And I can't believe how torturous your first birthing experience was!

Trena said...

I just love your boys so much! I can't believe how big Seth is now and what a little boy Isaac is now! I think it's better they are different because sometimes when sibling are exactly the same, they fight more when they are older! :)

Lisa said...

Oops. Not sure how I missed/forgot that you DID mention the ways the boys are like you and Matt, but I guess it wasn't strongly put enough, or something. For example, you didn't use the word "replica". And besides the overall wonderfulness of this post, I think it is pure brilliance 1) that you found the most amazingly perfect pictures (expressions on their faces included) and 2)That you somehow managed to get it all layed out perfectly using Blogger! You are a genius.

jonesfamily said...

You're not as think as you dumb you are, Lisa. (;p) I added the first paragraph after you commented. Sorry!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

This is such a cute idea...oh Ann-you look like um, excuse the pun, death in the labor picture!!AAAH! I love you Hard hat house and all-ha ha ha ha ha I love you!