Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Power of Meaningful Prayers

In most cases, getting our boys to be reverent for any amount of time over 2 seconds during a prayer is a major feat. This is especially true when we ask them to pray or they haven't volunteered.

Well, a few weeks ago I was at the computer and the boys were playing and running in and out of my room trying to chase and get the monster. This went on for quite some time with them running back and forth through the house and my room. At one point they had been playing in my room for a while when it suddenly got much more quiet. As mothers, we know that no noise is worse than most noise. So, I looked over to see what they were up to. At that moment I witnessed both boys standing at the foot of my bed with arms folded, heads bowed and eyes closed! This was a first! Curious as to what could warrant such reverence, I listened to Isaac's prayer. I only caught the end of it and by that time Seth had joined in the praying so it was even less intelligible, but it was some type of pleading for divine help in catching the monster. It looks like all they need is a little more purpose to their prayers!!!

A week ago I was feeling really sick to my stomach and thought I might not be able to go somewhere with the family. Isaac overheard me talking to Matt about this and asked if I felt sick to which I said yes. A few minutes later he came running up to me with his bright smiling face and said "Prayer!...Let's pray!" I agreed to go along (of course), not knowing what he was doing. So he climbed up on my bed and knelt down and said, "It's my turn." What followed was the sweetest prayer asking that I wouldn't have a tummy ache. So sweet! And I didn't even think about it, but I felt fine the rest of the day!

So, we just had some of the boy's friends over for two nights. AMAZINGLY, Isaac offered to say the prayer many times (saying some of the best prayers I've heard him pray) and would remind us to pray if we forgot.

So, is he getting bigger and more mature? Or does he just need a really good reason to pray?


Lisa said...

Wow! He's definitely getting the point. That's awesome. Super cute, and awesome. He not only knows HOW to pray, but he knows WHEN to pray,which shows a good deal more understanding. And I can totally imagine Seth joining in on the prayer. Love it. You're doing a great job, Anne. AND you're a great hostess!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Out of the mouths of babes! it is these moments that I realize that maybe they ARE listening!! Oh sweet boys...stay that innocent and close to heavenly father!

Jackie Rama said...

My sweet Isaac does it again. Seth too. That is so sweet that they were praying about their mission to catch the monster!!!! What great evidence that you and Matt are amazing parents and prayer is a regular part of your routine. These boys are the ones moms will want their daughters to date one day!

Lisa said...

Anne, I told the story of the monster chasing prayer to my in-laws last night during scripture and prayer and everyone thought that was so hilarious. Plus, I love for them to know about how your kids are learning the same things ours are etc. (but it may be sinking in with yours a little more than with ours...)

And I LOVE that stunk one! I always tell my family about your new Jonesisms and we just love them! Thanks so much for sharing them! It makes me miss you guys a little bit less. And a little bit (lot) more!

Susan said...

Those are the sweetest boys ever! I just love the stories of the innocence. I agree with everyone: what a great job you're doing as a mom for them!