Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Isaac (and Prince)!

Today is Isaac's fifth birthday and I wish I had something fun to report, but we're having his party next week, so for now we'll post about one of his best friend's party, who happens to have been born two days before Isaac.

Prince and Isaac became close friends last year in preschool. Prince is now in kindergarten and misses Isaac so much that one day his dad took him late to kindergarten just so he could stop by the preschool and see Isaac (they had lost our phone number).

Busy at work drawing on t-shirts. They LOVED this and Isaac wouldn't take his off for days! This was such a great brithday party idea.

While I was taking pictures of Isaac and Prince, Matt pointed out that Seth had joined up with a family we shared our lunch table with. Seth is pontificating on the facts of the new plastic snake he got in the pinata.

You can tell it had been 5 months since these friends had seen each other!


Amber said...

Happy Birthday, Isaac!! I love the faces they're pulling at the end of the post. Too funny, and so characteristic of 5 year-olds! ;)

LisAway said...

Oh! Hope it's a great party.

That T-shirt idea is super fun. And Isaac is very unforgettable!

McKenzie said...

Let's see, when Isaac was born, I was a senior is HS and Matt was my seminary teacher...Wow, was that really 5 years ago? Crazy! Happy Birthday!