Saturday, November 15, 2008

NATURE: Awesome and Awful

Since I was going to Pasadena for a bridesmaid fitting for my brother Micah's wedding, we decided to make a family trip of it and do our favorite little Monrovia Falls hike. We love this hike because it is all shaded and the boys can do the 1.6 mile round-trip "hike" on their own. A lizard! Exploring.
Now I can truthfully say that Isaac really is camoflauged! Can you find him? Can you see the waterfall?
We got to enjoy the smell of autmun leaves. Which really is just to say, the smell of dying leaves, which this trail has year-round. But at least it reminded me of beautiful fall trips up the canyon in Utah.

We are so blessed to have this beauty so close! As we got back to the nature center we ran into a ranger who we overheard on the walkie talkie. She was just going to get everyone off the mountain because all of their firefighters are out of town on multiple fires and they didn't want to risk another one.

This happened while we were hiking. I thought it was horrible, but at least it was in Yorba Linda so we wouldn't have to deal with it in Long Beach. But this is what we found as we entered Long Beach city limits:

This is not fog.

This is not a rain cloud.

This is not a sunset.

I got some of the falling ashes on video, but it was too hard to see. Crazy!


Susan said...

signs o' the times, man, signs of the times!

I love seeing your little explorers exploring! They are the epitome of "childlike wonder", you're a good mom to take them so many places! (So many, that I haven't been able to keep up on commenting about them all :) )

Love the camo shot, does Isaac like it?

Susan said...

Also, the Jonesisms are amazing, they're always so good. That Isaac is smart little stinker, I mean thinker.

LisAway said...

Danger! I'm in AWe at this post. :)

You guys are awesome with your getting out and doing every single thing there is to be done.