Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2nd review of Twilight

Matt came with me the second time I saw Twilight. Instead of a bunch of screaming teenagers, the audience consisted of bunches of couples. I don't know how much this altered my experience from the previous viewing, but it was MUCH better the second time while I tried to watch it from a "never read it before" point of view. (It also helped to be holding Matt's hand throughout!) Matt's response to my very hesitant inquiry as to how he liked it was, "Interesting..." (Woo hoo!) Then he kept asking questions (of course, all about the vampire aspect). The next morning you can imagine my jaw dropping when he told me he was considering reading it!

Back when I was reading it and he was mocking me, I told him he could learn a lot from Edward. Well, today I found out how correct that statement was. After his refusal to finish bathing the boys because of my criticisms, I attempted to block his way out of the bathroom. After a quick little struggle he stopped (while I kept "pushing" him) and looked down at me and said, "Do you know how easy it would be for me to move you? I'm a lot stronger than you." The meadow scene immediately flashed through my mind. Unfortunately, he wasn't hypothetically threatening my life, otherwise I could have responded appropriately and kissed him. Instead I gave a disappointed look and said, "That wasn't what you were supposed to learn from Edward!"


colleen said...

Don't tell anyone, but Ben has read all of them... hehe

Amber said...

That's funny that Matt is thinking about reading the books. Bryant hasn't even seen the movie and doesn't really care to. Me, I've seen it 4 times and love it more each time. I really would like to read the books again but I'm afraid it will be like the first time and I won't do anything BUT read! :)

The Sorensen Bunch said...

You are toooo funny! Maybe that is how I can convert Dan into reading the books!!! Have hiem watcht eh movie with me!